Jay Jay The Jet Plane


Jay Jay The Jet Plane is a 3D animated television series that follows the adventures of a six-year old airplane named Jay Jay and his friends at Tarrytown Airport as they take off in search of fun and excitement, but never stray too far from home. Jay Jay’s curiosity often gets the best of him, leading him into situations that sometimes take a little help from his friends. His female counterpart, Tracy, is a little more cautious, but just as adventuresome. Herky the Helicopter provides on-going laughs for all of them, and Snuffy the Skywriter, the youngest plane in Tarrytown, is experiencing everything around him for the very first time. They’re all under the watchful eye of Brenda Blue, the airplane mechanic, and each 12-minute story helps Jay Jay and his friends discover the wonders of science and nature, and also come to understand just what it means to be a child.