Frequently Asked Questions

What is Qubo?

Qubo is a safe haven where kids and their caregivers come for entertainment that is "Good Fun." Qubo shows, from the leaders in children's entertainment, offer positive role models portraying good values. At Qubo, kids laugh and learn to be their best through diverse quality programming where parents are always welcome.

Who watches Qubo?

Qubo's target audience is Kids 5-8, however as Qubo offers a unique place for co-viewing, we have just as many adults watching us as we do kids.

Where did the name Qubo come from?

The name Qubo is a made up word. We wanted a name that was unique, fun and easy to remember.

What Channel is Qubo on?

This will depend on how you receive your television signal.

  • If you subscribe to Cable click on the following link:
  • If you subscribe to Verizon FiOS, Qubo is on Channel #491
  • If you subscribe to AT&T U-Verse, Qubo is on Channel #328
  • If you receive free Television (Digital Converter Box/Antenna) click on the following link:

Why is Qubo in Spanish?

Qubo is available with both English and Spanish audio, giving viewers the options to choose how they want to watch/hear their favorite Qubo shows. You can change the language by either pressing the SAP/Audio button on your remote or by changing the Audio Setting on your television.

Why can't I pick up the Qubo Digital Signal with my Antenna?

  • First check to see if you are near an ION TV Station Market, click here for a list of markets and location:
  • Second try scanning your Digital Converter Box/TV or adjusting your antenna to see if this fixes the audio problem.
  • If the problem is not resolved, please let us know and we can put you in contact with one of our local station engineers.

Where can I purchase product for some of the shows on Qubo?

There are a number of different web sites that currently sells products for some of the shows that airs on Qubo. You might want to start with a website such as